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 Rescue a Battery Hen today!

Battery Chickens 4 all? -  Why not consider rescuing a battery hen?

Why rescue battery chickens?

After spending their whole lives squashed into a space about the size of an A4 piece of paper, the hens start to slow egg production after a year - 18 months or so.  Then having served faithfully, never having seen the light of day, they are slaughtered for pet food. In some ways it is a mercy to end their suffering - but it needn't be like that.  A few weeks of love and care and they are nearly good as new!

What condiiton are they in when they are 'rescued'

See the pictures page for more info, but ours were quite lucky, some are far worse off, and doubtless even more rewarding to rescue.  They will all have some feathers missing, and be fairly weak on their legs. subdued and confused for a day or two maybe, but not for long.  They soon learn that wings can be flapped, and many many more chicken tricks they never even dreamed of before.


Battery Hen Welfare Trust

These are the people who started it all, check their web site www.bhwt.org  to get the full story, and put your name down for some hens if it takes your fancy.


What about normal chickens?

There are lots too choose from, but we don't know too much about them.  Anyone who does, please contribute and we can all learn something.